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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wiping themselves out!!

In some parts of India it is a bad thing to be a girl child. They are useless, expensive and produce no income. Ever since it became possible to tell the gender of an unborn child, parents started to abort the girl child. In earlier times they simply used to murder them on birth, a practice that is still followed.

In the state of Haryana in India, the ratio of girls to every 1000 boys is just 700 now! In the state of Punjab it is 800. As a result there are many villages in these states with very few women.

The government tried to stop this by banning sex evaluation before birth, but they can do little to stop the murder of babies.

I have a different take on the problem. Let it go on, I say.

Already, young men from these states are travelling all over the rest of India looking for women to marry. Since they know nothing about relationships, they look for impoverished areas where farmers would sell their daughters for money (between USD 100 and 300, each). Recently farmers from Nagpur in central India reported selling daughters to men from Haryana.

Let it go on, I say.

A couple of decades and the Punjab and Haryana genes will be so diluted with more cultured genes from other states that there won't be any Punjabis or Haryanvis left.

They would have wiped themselves, and the problem, out.